Independent Researcher / Historian, Medievalist

Yuki Nakagawa

About me

I'm an independent researcher studying late medieval Scottish history while working as a data analyst in a Japanese tech company. My research interests include politics, government and power in northern Scotland, especially in the Moray region and Central Highlands.

Research interests


Disorder in a militarised society: disputes and violence in northern Scotland at the end of the fourteenth century

The Scottish Historical Review 101 (2022), pp. 155-178


12・13世紀スコットランドのストラサーン伯による伯領外民の受容 (The Acceptance of Outsiders into the Earldom: Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Strathearn, Scotland)

『クリオ』27巻 (2013), pp. 38-50. (Clio:a journal of European studies, 27 (2013), pp. 38–50.)



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